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No Retreat - Pray For Peace

Its all about the beatdown! Pray For Peace is No Retreat's fourth and heaviest release to date. Featuring guest vocal appearances by Mad Joe Black and Eddie the Razor from Krutch/Boxcutter, No Retreat play down tuned, knuckle dragging, beatdown hardcore better than anyone. There is no way you can listen to this and not start a brutal pit!

Pray For Peace Track Listing

1.  Intro
2.  Talk Is Cheap
3.  One More War
4.  $
5.  Blood Brothers
6.  Pray For Peace (w/Mad Joe Black & Eddie The Razor)
7.  One By One (feat. Samuel Hunter)
8.  My Other Half
9.  Room For Hate
10. Judged By Twelve
11. Visionary
12. When Will It End (feat. Eric Corbin)

No Retreat - Rise Of The Underdog

Feel the sickness of Pittsburgh crossover at its most grueling.

Rise Of The Underdog Track Listing

1.  Facewreck
2.  Underdog
3.  Cry Blood
4.  Soul Of Pride
5.  Fate (feat. Chris Hensel)
6.  Overcome
7.  Lost
8.  Sever The Ties
9.  Rise
10. BFL (feat. Karl Weinbrecht)
11. Hidden


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