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Submachine - Off The Rails (Loose At The Moose)

Submachine celebrates 13 years of punkdumb with their very first DVD. "Loose at the Moose" features 29 of the band's best old school punk anthems. Package includes a bonus audio CD as well.

Submachine - Off The Rails Track Listing

1.  Lenny Bruce
2.  Fabulosity
3.  Innocence
4.  Irritation
5.  Barbound
6.  Vain
7.  Of Heroes
8.  Bull In A China Shop
9.  Aimless (In The Face Of A Bomb)
10. C.I.L. (The Landlord)
11. Rich Kids
12. Big Eye
13. Rage
14. Doin' It Again Tomorrow
15. Corruption
16. Trocaderro Riot
17. Raze It
18. Crystal Clear
19. 3 Wheels and a Tank of Nitrous
20. Unhinged
21. Denial
22. Yellow Pages
23. Sick Machine
24. Beer Song
25. Too Mundane
26. If You Try To Live
27. Every Minute (A Beerheart is Born)
28. Bored II Drunk
29. Pet Band


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