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Built Upon Frustration - The Book Of Mourning

The third (and heaviest) release from Built Upon Frustration. The Book of Mourning is the first to feature Eric Klinger (Pro-Pain) on both guitar and vocals!

The Book of Mourning - Tracklisting

1. The Immaculate Rejection
2. Perish
3. The Book Of Mourning
4. For What You Have Done
5. Birthrites
6. Drowning In Disgust
7. Everything About Me
8. Faith In Destruction
9. The End Of Days
10. My Trust You Betrayed


Built Upon Frustration - Resurrected

Featuring Eric Klinger from Pro-Pain and Derek Kovacs from No Retreat, Built Upon Frustration play the heaviest hardcore known to man.

Resurrected - Tracklisting

1. Rest Of The World
2. Where I Belong
3. Confronting
4. Personal Games For Personal Gain
5. Redemption
6. Nothing
7. Resurrection
8. Show No Weakness
9. Turn My Back
10. Matter Of Time


Built Upon Frustration - Low Life Crew

Oh, the humanity! This full-length debut from Built Upon Frustration has more testosterone than a pro wrestler after ten steroid shots in the arm. If you love it down-tuned, sludgy and full of macho heaviness, then Built Upon Frustration is just right for you!

Low Life Crew Track Listing

1.  Turn My Back
2.  All For Nothing
3.  Questions
4.  Frustrated
5.  Bitch Ass Trick
6.  Rape
7.  Patience
8.  Pigsty
9.  Unwanted
10. Domestics
11. Indolence
12. Turn My Back (Censored)
13. Unwanted (Censored)


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