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Michael Graves - Illusions Live / Viretta Park

Stripping the music down to himself, a microphone and an acoustic guitar, Michale Graves blew away audiences night after night. Capturing some of the magic of that tour isIllusions Live / Viretta Park. Graves strums through select tracks from his solo career and a few songs he wrote with The Misfits like Fiend Club, Shining, Scream, and Crying on Saturday Night.

Illusions Live / Viretta Park - Tracklisting

1. Blackbird
2. Fiend Club
3. Almost Home
4. Beware
5. Gorch
6. Butchershop
7. Ophelia
8. Shining
9. Lucifer I am
10. Wormwood
11. Casket
12. You Awful Me
13. One Million Light Years From Her
14. Frost Bite
15. Nothing
16. Scream
17. Crying On Saturday Night

~Romania Demos~

18. Blackbird
19. The Best of Me
20. A Generation Coming Down
21. Locked Away
22. The Eternal Haunting
23. Viretta Park


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