Screaming Crow Public Relations is a well known and respected Public Relations firm based out of the Pittsburgh, PA area.  We have acted as the press and media management firm for International, National and Regional acts.  


Image: Electric Frankenstein, The Cheats, Screaming Crow Records
Electric Frankenstein / The Cheats

Image: Echoes, The Pursuit, Screaming Crow Records



Image: Fist Fight In The Parking Lot, Year Of The Ox, Screaming Crow Records
Fist Fight In The Parking Lot

Image: Vehement Serenade, Screaming Crow Records
Vehement Serenade

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Built Upon Frustration
The Cheats
Deadsoul Tribe
Derek Sherinian
Devin Townsend
Fates Warning
The Flower Kings
Glenn Hughes
Joe Lynn Turner
Laaz Rockit
James LaBrie
Kings X
No Turning Back
Pain of Salvation
Planet X
Shadow Gallery
Spock's Beard
Steve Hackett
Steve Howe
Symphony X
Vanden Plas
Vehement Serenade 
Record Labels

Inside Out Music
Blistering Records
Century Media Records
Limb Music
Fastbreak! Entertainment
Universal Warning
Screaming Crow Records



"I had the pleasure of working with Eric Corbin during his time at Inside Out Music America. Eric will work on something until it is done - he never misses a deadline and has an extensive attention to detail. He never misses a beat and his loyalty and work ethic are second to none. He never seems to lose his passion for doing creative and effective work with a real eye to detail. Eric always had his product fully scoped, knowing its appeal and its market parameters and he always knew the key elements for alerting his audience - and even growing new audiences. He knew the product and knew the market."

"Eric is the kind of business partner that makes everyone's job easier. He is a sharp and precise reference for record distribution, marketing, promotion and sales. And Eric is a man of his word. His follow through and attention to detail were outstanding. I found Eric to be a passionate person who understood the music industry and used his expertise to do the right thing for his clients."

--Thomas Ziegler, SPV North America

"Evergrey worked with Eric Corbin on several occassions when doing promotion in the US. Each and every time he's made us feel safe and relaxed, making our work very easy. On top of that Eric is a very nice guy that makes his profession a prority at any hour of the day. We'd love to work with Eric again the next time we come over and we would recommend him to anyone.'

--Thomas Englund, Evergrey

"Over the years Eric has been a reliable asset for King's X while working with InsideOut Music. As the coordinator of American press, as well as other responsibilities concerning King's X's dealings with InsideOut, Eric has been someone we could count on to be on the ball. We will miss working with him and hope that our future dealings lead us to work with him again."

--Ty Tabor, King's X

'Eric was instrumental in incorporating a new band into the roster of his label and ensuring promotion throughout the US both before and during our recent tour with Dream Theater. He played a key role in significantly broadening radio, print and video coverage of Redemption and in providing key artist support."

--Nick Van Dyke, Redemption

"As a recording artist, I worked with Eric Corbin at InsideOut Music for over 6 years. I found him to be very capable and efficient in his position there."

--Derek Sherinian, Various Artists (Billy Idol, Dream Theater, Alice Cooper, Kiss, Planet X)

"Eric has always been a pleasure to work with, both on a professional basis and also personally. His enthusiasm and hard work have opened many more opportunities for me and have furthered my career."

--John Payne, Asia

"Eric Corbin was extremely professional in all of our business dealings. I would have Eric work on any and all future albums."

--Mark Zonder, Slavior/Fates Warning

"Already the first time I met Eric he immediately struck me as being a very nice guy who can make everyone feel relaxed and appreciated. He is the kind of guy who can be professional and effective while at the same time making everybody feel like he's just being himself - a very welcome feature in this business. I am sure he will remain successful in any type of management or PR, and I hope to be working with him soon again, wherever he ends up working!"

--Daniel Gildenlow, Pain of Salvation

"Eric is highly professional at everything he does. He is one of the main reasons for Pagan's Mind's growing popularity in the US. He is doing great promotion and marketing for us! A very reliable guy to have on the team!"

--Jorn Viggo Lofstad, Pagan's Mind



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