Dan O’Day founded The River City Rebels in 1999 as the guitarist and songwriter and later took over permanent frontman duties in 2002 with the release of No Good, No Time, No Pride.

Brandon Rainer joined The River City Rebels during the recording of their first album in 1999, Racism, Religion and War, playing trombone. In 2005, Rainer switched to playing keyboards for the release of Done With Love. He also plays harmonica and can be heard returning to trombone on “Hades”, the A-side of the 2012 single, Headed to Hell.

J.V.McDonough was active in the Boston music scene of the 90s, most notably as the frontwoman, bass player and songwriter for the old-school-country-influenced garage band, The Magdalenes, and also played bass for jangle-pop geniuses, The Eddies. After taking some time off from band life and relocating to New Hampshire, McDonough plunged wholeheartedly back into music when she joined the River City Rebels in the summer of 2010. She toured regionally with them in October 2010, and joined them for the European tour of April 2011. Her first studio venture with the Rebels is the 2012 released 7”, Headed to Hell.

Guitarist Patrick Brownson has been a longtime part of the Vermont punk and hardcore scene, and was a founding member of veteran Burlington skatepunk band My Revenge. . While attending university in Montreal, Quebec, he played organ for the Indica Records indie/pop act Bonjour Brumaire. Brownson joined the Rebels in 2008, embarking on two national tours with them. He was also instrumental in the creative process contributing to the 2010 release Done With Love before branching out on his own as a singer/songwriter with the band The Flood. A River City Rebel once more, Brownson has taken over lead guitar duties in their latest incarnation and will be an integral part of their next full-length release, to be recorded in the autumn of 2012.

It seemed just a matter of time before Levi Howard would be the drummer for The River City Rebels. He’s been playing in bands in the Upper Valley for as long as the Rebels have existed, crossing paths countless times with them while drumming for The Foodstamps in the early 2000’s, and more recently with The Law Abiders.

Headed to Hell , the new 7” from The River City Rebels, reunites past Rebels Dan McCool (on trumpet) and Chris Jukosky (on acoustic guitar) with the current lineup for a pair of songs that look closely at the darker side of life. Recorded in a single session by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studios in Vermont, Headed to Hell will be released by Screaming Crow in August 2012.

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