Electric Frankenstein is a four piece entity dedicated to playing loud, aggressive, and melodic Punk Rock and Roll music that recalls a time when people wrote real songs that were truly memorable. Songs that made a difference to your life once you heard them, changing your perspective forever. Remember the first time that you heard the Dead Boys, the Damned, the Ramones, the Weirdos, the Germs, the Avengers, the Misfits, Black Flag, or any of your other favorites? The World felt ready to explode! Everything else soon sounded like shit. Remember when the latest singles you bought meant so much that you got into fist fights with losers who made fun of "your music"? You kicked their ass. Well, that time is here now. With first such bands as Poison Idea, Dwarves, The Action Swingers, Lazy Cowgirls; next, New Bomb Turks, The Humpers, DGeneration, and now Electric Frankenstein, you have to come out of your little nest and once again feel the immanent chaos. Suddenly, its no longer safe; we're playing for keeps! Time to spell Rock with a capitol 'R' again, and don't forget the Roll! Like one of EF’s songs says, "A Little Bit of Yesterday, A Whole Lot of the Future Now!".

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