Image: Boxcutter, Screaming Crow Records, The Ill TestamentWanting to release a new Krutch EP in the year 2001, the band found out that they were unable to do so due to their contractual obligations with Finnish hardcore label, Cartel Records. Not wanting to wait to finish a new Krutch LP, guitarist, Richie Mancuso, decided to rework them and start a new project. He began to put together a proverbial who’s who from the Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey hardcore scenes. He started collaborating with former Fury of Five vocalist, James “Stickman” Ismean and former Feeble (current Wisdom in Chains) vocalist Mad Joe Black, to give the songs a hardcore injection of hip-hop. He also added long time friend, Out Ta Win’s Chris Mahmood, to help share guitar duties.

This hardcore super-group delivered the now famous, and extremely hard to find, 4 song EP fittingly titled, "Thug Rock." Due to popular demand, Boxcutter entered the studio a few years later to record their first full length, "Pitbull Ways," for World Media in the US and 3D in Japan. A release that is equally hard to find and currently going for over $40 online.

In 2008 Boxcutter began working on their 3rd effort "The Ill Testament" for one of Europe’s biggest hardcore labels, Belgium’s Goodlife Records. Knowing the CD would again not have proper US distribution, long time friend and former Da’ Core Records owner, Eric Corbin, approached the band about a US license for his new label, Screaming Crow. It took several months to iron out the details which resulted in two different releases. The US version contains two bonus tracks taken from the now out of print "Pitbull Ways," different mastering and completely different artwork. The artwork for the US version was provided by Craig Holloway who also designed the cover of Agnostic Front’s latest effort "Warriors."

Mixing east coast Hardcore and streetwise Hip-Hop, Boxcutter has again delivered a pit inducing masterpiece. This Is Thug Rock!

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